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 Email Game Character Interation Page (EGCIP)

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PostSubject: Email Game Character Interation Page (EGCIP)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:07 pm

News Burp:

"Another murder occurred today, this time on the set of a movie. The movie, Witchblade, starring Cassandra Coleman has been suspended until the police complete there investigation. The director, whose name cannot be released at this time, was found with his body mutilated in the same fashion as two previous victims. Police have officially dubbed the series of murders as a serial killing as ask that everyone remain on a heightened sense of alertness."

"Cassandra Coleman?" She saids again in her head. O-M-G moment. "CASSIE!" Whoa, haven't heard that name in forever, actress? Pfft, who'd have thought..

Facebook, so simple, yet so easy to find out someone''s cell phone number because they don't know how to set their profile to private. Not that it would matter much anyway, but makes life so much easier. And home address...really?
Wow, check-in feature enabled? Very nice.

Decides to use the GPS tracker in Facebook to track the cell phone location of one Cassandra Coleman.
This is too easy. Looking at her map, she picks up her cellphone and dials Cassie's number. Hope she remembers the nerd chick in third period english..


With a quick flick of her finger the brunette absentmindedly answers the phone. 'Hello?" Pausing in her pacing she reaches for a can of coke and sits down at the bar. Pinching the phone between her shoulder and ear she pops the lid.


How you doing?" she saids in her semi-fake New York accent, somewhat of a trade mark, somewhat of a trademark, at least to her anyway. "This is Acton, remember me? From the reunion? You told me about your dog I told you how I sat behide you in English class? Heard about what happened on your movie set, figured I'd call and make sure you were alright and all." Making talk with someone that she hoped would remember her was going to be hard.


Cass looked at the phone funny before hesitatingly responding. "I've been better?" Action...Action... The name sounded familiar but it wasn't until the girl explained a bit more before the light went on. "oh! Hey! Amanda, right?" Really she remembers me talking about my dog, wow I'm boring. For a few moments her mind hadn't been on the day's activities. "oh. Yea. I'm fine. A little concerned, but the officer should be here soon. So how have you been?"

Cassie sipped her coke and peeled an orange for desert. Her foot tapped slowly on the bar of her seat as she made small talk and waited for the officer.


"Yeah, Amanda..I'm doing well" shifting in her chair a little as she goes through checking phone records as she talks, also making sure well to writing down the address where her unsuspecting new friend is located. "Good to hear that you're okay. Crazy how it all happened during your movie. So were you all in the middle of filming when everything happened?" trying hard just to make small talk and not to sound too nosy.


Cass sat playing with her orange peelings as she talked. "Yea I'm fine but that poor 15 year old on the news wasn't so lucky." She took another drink of her coke and ignored the questions about her own encounter. "So what's been going on in your neck of the woods?" She probably should of questioned how this random girl got her number but she figured she'd handed her number out at the reunion.


Dodge my question? Really...hmm " So I heard on the news. " she suddenly decided that looking up phone records sucks, her auto search algorithm she made was running and it lagged her computer hardcore, taking a deep breathe she throws out a line to see if she'll bite "Word on the street is the victims got weird text msgs before they died. Would hate to be on the receiving end of one. A dude I did business with was also killed, didn't know him outside work but it was scary for sure."

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PostSubject: Re: Email Game Character Interation Page (EGCIP)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:07 pm

Cassie stopped in mid-bite. "Wait! There have been more deaths?!" Cassie felt sick to her stomach. "I'll be right back. She dropped the phone on the couch and dashed to the bathroom to throw up. This was just too much for her. Running some cold water she rinsed out her mouth and splashed some water on her face. She had to calm down, taking a few deep breaths she went back to the phone.

"Sorry about that, it's been a long day. I think I'm going to try and rest. It was nice talking to you again. Sorry to hear about your co-worker." Cassie flopped on the couch and closed her eyes. Unfortunately all she saw was the scene back at the studio. So she stared up at the ceiling. "Texts huh? I'm not sure about that but the Director did have a note in binary on him, but the officer should be here soon to pick it up."
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Aglaia Lennox

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PostSubject: Re: Email Game Character Interation Page (EGCIP)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:12 pm

"Umm okay" Amanda said though slightly confused. Drumming her thumbs against her keyboard as she waited for her to come back, hearing her response, she figured that the young actress had to be pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal. . "Oh okay, rest well." quickly adding before she hangs up "You have my number, call me if you need a friendly nerd." Hanging up she tosses her phone next to her on the bed.
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PostSubject: Re: Email Game Character Interation Page (EGCIP)   

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Email Game Character Interation Page (EGCIP)
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